Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dead Neon

Post-apokaliptik minimalist blackmetal-punk.
Jerret Keene ilginç bir kişilik.

Attention, Neon Citizens!
Here’s today’s advisory.
Please don’t drink from
Bellagio Fountains. Dead
Bodies contaminate the
Water. Stay away from
The vendors at Shark Reef
Aquarium. That’s not shark
Meat they’re selling. It’ll
Do no good to sell your
Gasoline to the soldiers
In Arizona and California.
They’ll only use it to burn
Your corpse. Keep out of
CityCenter. Zombies mass
There at all hours, hungry.
Trust us when we say
Paris is burning.
Your best bet is to keep
Moving. Go to the Boneyard
Where neon signs gather
Dust. Food, firearms, and
Other black market items
Can be bought, bartered.
Gold is the only tender.
Bullets. Antibiotics. Bibles.
Bring anything people need
To survive in a broken city,
This Vegas wasteland.
Go to where there’s no god.
Only punishment for the sin
Of thinking we were
Above the maker of an
Evil creature: man.

   Dead Neon by zoban