Thursday, December 4, 2008



PORTRAIT OF A GENERATION (2004-2006 in Montfermeil/Clichy-sous-Bois)
FACE 2 FACE (2007 in the Middle-East)
WOMEN (Current project including sections from Africa and Brazil).

JR: 28 Millimetres also includes a number of never before seen photographs from exhibitions including Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin, New York and Brussels, as well as a section dedicated to JR's artwork and pieces.

An annex part presents an original project called 'Los Surcos de la Ciudad - The Wrinkles of the Town' (Cartagena, Spain - 2008).

All texts included are in English.

Compiled and edited to coincide with JR's most recent exhibition in London, October 2008, this limited edition book is the first anthology of his work. It promises to be an essential book for all Contemporary Art enthusiasts and libraries."

JR / 28 Millimetres
154 pages, colors
cover high quality, vernis sélectif et tissu
31 x 23 cm - ISBN : 978 0 9560007 0 5
édité par Steve Lazarides, Londres, octobre 2008